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Gas Leak

Smell Gas

Smell gas? Act Fast.

Natural gas is a colorless, odorless fuel.  For safety reasons a chemical odorant sometimes described as a "rotten egg" smell is added, making the presence of gas detectable. 

If you smell the "rotten egg" smell:

  • Leave the area immediately!
  • Open doors and windows as you leave
  • Do not operate electric lights, appliances or other equipment such as telephones, cell phones and flashlights.
  • Get to a phone away from the area and call the City of Buford or 911.

To report natural gas leaks or the natural gas odor please contact the City of Buford:

After Hours/Weekends/Holidays- 770-932-7986 or dial 911.

Para reportar algún olor o fuga de gas natural por favor contacte a la ciudad de Buford:

Dia- 770-932-7981
Despues de horas de trabajo, días festivos 770-932-7986 o marque 911.