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Buford Downtown Development Authority RFP, 79 Moreno St.pdf

                                         Request for Proposals

I.  Summary.

 The City of Buford Downtown Development Authority (herein after referred to as the “City”) hereby solicits invitations to qualified entities to submit proposals for the acquisition and development of a certain property located within the City of Buford.  Said property contains 0.43acres and located at 79 Moreno Street, Buford Georgia 30518, Tax Parcel 7295A-035.

The City has worked diligently to promote its historic downtown district.  The City envisions a three (3) to five (5) story mixed-use project with at least the ground floor consisting of retail/office space and fee simple condominiums on the remaining floors.  Projects extending to other parcels as part of a master plan may be considered.  Parking for the residential units to be basement/garage parking.  The successful proposer will use their creativity and maximize this opportunity.  Elements such as sidewalks that would encourage outdoor dining should be included along with consideration of on-street parking.

II.  Design Guidelines.

Attention to appropriate architectural detailing complementing the historic downtown district is essential, incorporating proportional massing, and other similar elements are necessary and required.  Traditional style architecture, four (4) sides brick, stone accents.  Other appropriate but minimal architectural accents may be considered.    

1.      Property – 79 Moreno Street.

I.      Minimum square footage of townhomes – 1400 square feet for one bedroom; 1500 square feet for two bedrooms, 1600 square feet for three bedrooms, which shall exclude the basement and garage.

II.      Expansion of the project to include other parcels as part of a master plan may be considered if in the best interest of the City.  

III.      Side/rear setbacks minimum 5 feet.

IV.      Front setback – in order to accommodate activities such as outdoor dining, a zero lot line front setback may be considered based on minimum 10 – 20-foot sidewalk adjacent to public parking as applicable and adjoining the building.  Said sidewalk shall include a 5 – 6-foot barrier free zone; Setbacks and final design subject to an approved site plan as part of the zoning and approval process.  Final design elements subject to the approval of the Planning Director.

V.      Parking for the residential units shall enter via an underground basement and/or  garage parking.

VI.      Sidewalks, trees and lighting shall coordinate and incorporate the elements of the planned Moreno Street Streetscape project as approved by the Planning Director.

The City has adopted Design Guidelines for the overall areas of the City and expects to migrate those design criteria to this development in order to guide massing and design. Familiarity with and a willingness to follow these standards is necessary and will provide helpful guidance with final building and site design. 

III.  The Property.

The subject property consists of approximately 0.43 acres +/-.


Representations of acreage are believed to be accurate, however, the DDA or the City makes no representation as to exact acreage and Buyer shall obtain a survey at his/her discretion.  

IV.  Zoning.

The 0.43 acres property is currently zoned Commercial (C-2) under the City’s 2000 Zoning Ordinance and Official Zoning Map. Upon a successful proposal, the City anticipates zoning the property to a site plan specific planned development under the City’s Zoning Ordinance.

All projects must follow all applicable Building Code and Fire Code standards as required by the appropriate agency.  Additionally, all projects must follow all other governmental regulations as applicable.

V.  Restricted Uses.

All parcels will be expected to contain certain deed covenants restricting any uses that relate to adult entertainment, adult video and bookstores, pool halls, tattoo parlors, vehicular sales or services uses and other relevant restrictions to be negotiated and subject to the selected design.

VI.  Infrastructure, Environmental, Other.

All of the necessary utilities are located reasonably nearby.  Costs for necessary infrastructure shall be borne by the developer.

Except as otherwise explicitly noted, the land is being sold as-is.  Any and all costs associated with any relocation, modifications, extensions, etc. of roads or utilities shall be fully borne by the developer.  Any environmental inspections or evaluations are the sole responsibility of the developer.

.  VII.  Demographics.

The City of Buford is located approximately 35 miles from Atlanta and has excellent access to I-85, I-985, Buford Highway and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.  The City operates an independent school system ranked No.1 in the State of Georgia by Niche.com.   

Greater Buford Area

The City limits of Buford currently encompass approximately 17 square miles and contain approximately 17,000 residents.  However, the City is part of a much larger rapidly growing area.  The 30518 and 30519 zip codes represent the “Greater Buford Area.” The Greater Buford Area includes portions of unincorporated Gwinnett and Hall Counties.  

VIII.  Pricing and Compensation.

In addition to appropriate financial remuneration, the City has specific performance standards, goals and expectations provided herein that should be part of any successful proposal.  

The successful proposer will provide a combination acceptable compensation and attention to City goals to be detailed in the proposal.

IX.  Downtown Development Authority.

At the time of the sale, the City’s Downtown Development Authority will be the owner of the property.   

X.  Proposal Submittal Requirements.

Proposals shall be submitted in the following order and format.  Multiple proposals/alternatives by a single developer may be provided.  However, for clarity each alternative shall be submitted as a separate proposal.

1.  Credentials:

a.      Identity of developer, including the development team’s organizational structure and names and address of principals.  List the composition of development team.

b.      The development team’s professional qualifications and experience in development, financing and leasing/management of comparable projects or if leasing/management will be outsourced, the credentials of the proposed manager.

c.      Evidence of the development team’s financial capacity to undertake the proposed project including bank references.

d.      Provide information of comparable experience with residential projects, historic development, mixed-use projects, in-fill projects, and/or other similar developments.  Provide project information (such as size, location, development type, etc.) pictures, sketches, and other relevant details for said projects.  Provide contact names and addresses for each representative project.

2.  Project Proposals:


a.      Project Description:  Provide a written project description of the proposed project that includes, at a minimum:    1) square footages of buildings 2) number of buildings; 3) building heights and number of stories; 4) architectural theme or character (including exterior building materials); 5) method of construction; 6) any phasing; 7) anticipated build-out value; HOA structure, fees, services, parking plan, residential parking garage (minimum:  two spaces per residential unit), parking management plan, sanitation service, etc. 8) other items that may be of interest.  

b.      Development Plan: Provide a detailed conceptual development plan that includes, at a minimum, 1) approximate configuration of proposed structure(s) on respective lot; and 2) site access, parking, pedestrian flow or other features appropriate for the project.


c.      Illustrative Building Plan: Provide a conceptual illustrative rendering of the exterior of building(s) including identification of any architectural elements (e.g. stone, brick, amenities, etc.).  Said rendering should depict the look and character of the proposed buildings. 

d.      Market Feasibility (optional):  Provide copies of any relevant private studies or reports

            used to generate said proposal.              


e.      Other:  Provide any other relevant information that demonstrates the developer’s awareness, understanding and commitment to the City’s vision, overall financial security, previous relevant experience, unique knowledge of the goals of the City and/or any other factor that the City may find useful in awarding the project.

One (1) original and 5 (five) copies of the proposal in an 8.5” X 11” bound document must be provided.  Larger illustrative drawings may be submitted separately. However, these drawings must also be reduced and included within the 6 bound documents.  All proposals must be received by the City of Buford, 2300 Buford Hwy, Buford, Georgia, 30518 by 4 p.m. on June 30, 2022.

XI.  Selection.

The City may select as the City deems in its best interest and may negotiate the execution of a sales contract with one or more parties simultaneously.  The City may reject any and all proposals, waive technicalities and informalities and award the project as the City deems in its best interest. The City will take into account various factors as outlined.  No submittal of a proposal or selection of a bidder proposal will be binding on the City until and unless a binding sales contract is entered into with the City.

Respondents are advised that the following factors will be considered as part of the evaluation of each proposal.

      1.      Use.  Proposals must meet the development objectives as explained herein and must contribute to augmenting the quality of life in Buford by the following means:

a.      Contributes to the economic viability of the City of Buford;

b.      Increases employment and/or residential opportunities;

c.      Contributes to smart-growth principles;

d.      Provides quality design that blends with the overall efforts in the nearby and surrounding area;

e.      Will provide adequate future control and management to insure a long-term sustainable project.

      2.      Design. The successful Proposer(s) will have demonstrated a willingness and understanding of the heightened design goals of the City.  

2.      Compensation.  The financial proposal provides compensation to the City, while maximizing the value of the resulting development and its positive economic and fiscal impacts on Downtown Buford and the City as a whole. 

For additional information and an emailed copy of this Request For Proposals, contact Kim Wolfe, Planning and Zoning Director, kwolfe@cityofbuford.com or Bryan Kerlin, City Manager, bkerlin@cityofbuford.com.  

XII.  Contractual Issues. 

Upon the selection of one or more bidders, the City will enter into a purchase/sale agreement that among other items will allow the purchaser up to 90 days to perform appropriate due diligence and obtain approval of architectural plans and zoning, which the City may elect to extend as necessary.  An earnest money deposit will be required at contract execution equal to five (5) percent of the purchase price.

Variance Hearing

 Zoning Map Adopted April 5, 2021

Application to Amend the Official City Zoning Map 

Application For Special Use Permit 

Application For Variance to Zoning Board of Appeals 

2022 City of Buford

Variance Application Public Hearings

Filing Date *     Last Date to Withdraw *          Appeals Board Hearing **

   12-10-21                   12-17-21                            1-22-22

    1-07-22                     1-14-22                              2-21-22

    2-04-22                     2-11-22                              3-21-22

    3-11-22                     3-18-22                              4-18-22

    4-08-22                     4-15-22                              5-16-22

    5-13-22                     5-20-22                              6-27-22

    6-10-22                     6-17-22                              7-25-22

    7-08-22                     7-15-22                              8-15-22

    8-5-22                       8-12-22                              9-19-22

    9-09-22                     9-16-22                             10-17-22

   10-07-22                   10-14-22                             11-21-22

   11-04-22                   11-11-22                             12-19-22

* Close of business day (5:00 p.m.)

** Meeting time, 7:00 PM. The Meeting schedule is subject to change due to Holidays. 

Planning Commission Hearing


2022 City of Buford

Rezoning & Special Use Permit Public Hearing Schedules


Filing Date *      Last Date To Withdraw *      Planning Comm. Hearing **

    12-03-21                     12-10-21                          1-11-22

     12-31-21                     1-07-22                           2-08-22 

     1-28-22                       2-04-22                           3-08-22

     3-04-22                       3-11-22                           4-12-22

     4-01-22                       4-08-22                           5-10-22

     4-29-22                       5-06-22                           6-14-22

     6-03-22                       6-10-22                           7-12-22

     7-01-22                       7-08-22                           8-09-22

     8-05-22                       8-12-22                           9-13-22

     9-02-22                       9-09-22                          10-11-22

    09-30-22                     10-07-22                         11-08-22

    11-04-22                     11-11-22                         12-13-22

* Close of business day (5:00 p.m.)

** Meeting time, 7:00 PM.  The meeting schedule is subject to change due to Holidays. 


New City of Buford Parking Deck

The City of Buford Parking Deck is now open.  The address is 70 Moreno Street and is adjacent to historic Main Street in Buford.  Directional signage can be found at the corners of Main and Scott Streets, Main and South Harris Streets.  The deck is located on the former site of the Samples Milling Company, Circa 1938.  The parking deck features 256 spaces with a brick and stone exterior, a classic look that you find in old town Buford as with newly constructed City and School Buildings and elsewhere in the City.  The parking deck includes a pedestrian bridge, which allows one to have short walk to South Harris Street and on to Main Street.  The City continues to work to promote its downtown district and the parking deck is an integral part in support of economic development opportunities in downtown Buford.  The City expects to see more development and redevelopment in and around the downtown district in the near future.